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Tomorrow is never promised. I already know that. But I’m looking too forward to it I refuse not to day dream about it! Yes it is St. Patrick’s Day, but my 8 month pregnant self isn’t looking forward to the ice cream alone! It is said to be mid 50’s , mostly sunny, and it has a promise of some very much needed family time outdoors! Being cooped up in this house with a toddler and being pregnant, and it too cold to so much as crack a window has made me a psycho. I’m surprised my marriage survived my rages this winter, my poor Husband. Yesterday was a beautiful day too, however it was lacking in the family department. My husband was at work, the only way to “connect” him was to send texts of my son and I walking around, which was probably more of a tease to him.

I don’t feel very pretty lately, the feeling is more of a oompa loompa. If you have been pregnant before you probably know the feeling. But when we are walking around and theres sun warming our noses, and fresh air filling our lungs, I feel beautiful! The little chuckles, and “whats that” or “woooow” that comes from my heart that is riding in the stroller, makes me feel like I’m dreaming. When we walk past other pavement smackers and my husband gives his “man” nod, I smile in aww of how amazing he is. He holds my hand while still pushing along the stroller, and juggles between his coffee as well. He LIGHTS up when were outside. Not from the sun, but that smile, that blood pumping, head spinning smile, it completely melts me. He is very very much a outdoor guy, and he loves to share it with us! Tomorrow, is going to be our start of summer, even though it is spring, it will feel like summer to me!

I encourage all of you to try and get out tomorrow. If you don’t live close to a town to walk around, then drive to one. When you think of some of your memories from childhood, they probably aren’t of sitting inside playing games, because thats not memorable, it didn’t excite you any different than any other day most likely. So give your children, dogs, spouse, or even just yourself the memory of walking around taking in all the different people, the sounds of birds returning, the sound of water flowing, the smell of fresh air. Read a book on a bench, go visit the ducks, get a cup of some wonderful beverage you haven’t had in a while and take in the best day you can, take in this wonderfully naturally beautiful, and naturally entertaining earth! You will feel accomplished with your day!


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