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Posted on: April 28, 2011

I came across a blog today. It was about a book, The giver, I have never read this book, but the person shared what the basis of it was. About conforming, and if you had the option to show people other ways of living would you, or just keep them blind. There was then a discussion forum. It really made me think…..

I think we already live in a world very close to that. I think alot of people are extreme conformists! But the silly thing is that they once changed from what was the normal to what we do today, and are afraid to go back. The world then uses tv to scare them not to change, or magazines. In my example….homebirths. A woman used to birth in their home with the village around her for support, and a midwife. The village would then bring her dinners and help her through her healing. However, now we all know the hospital is considered the normal, and most wont even open their mind and close their mouth long enough to even consider. How did we ever steer away in the first place? On top of that, the rise in homebirths has caused a stir. There was a article that someone dear to me called me worried about. A homebirth in which a mom developed a infection and ended up getting limbs amputated. While I listened, and assured them I was no more worried than if I did a hospital birth, I snickered. Nosocomial infections…most of us know of, and its even taught in nursing school, are common! And some with the same or worse or not as bad outcomes. So right next to that could be a million articles about the same things happening in the hospitals! Its all about marketing. And when there is a trend happening that is starting to worry people trying to keep things the conformed way they have become, they pull out anything to try and scare people back into their pen. Just like the Hillary Duff episode of Law & Order. They used a celebrity, in which most new moms today grew up watching, to draw attention to the episode, took a truly tragic real life story and twisted it around to scare people about vaccinations. But the child in the story who “spread” the measels could have been a vaccinated child as well! Its all pretty silly. Dear god people, if you take one thing from me…don’t conform, educate. Do what you want, know your options, and know the real, full truth about everything! Make informed choices, not just the ones a pediatrician said was right, because they grew up the same way. Look into things yourself and then decide.


6 Responses to "Conformity!"

I agree with your post. People today are conforming to not only hospital births over home births, but other situations because of fear and going against the grain.But i think you misunderstood my post because I stated that it was a conformity situation.I just meant everybody lived the same life, a cookie cutter life. Unlike the people around us, these people didn’t have a choice. They grew up only knowing the world around them.I am sure if they were given the option they would have chosen our world over their own. I believe conformity is a choice and like I said these people didn’t have that luxury. I just didn’t want you to think negatively about this book, thinking it was all about conformity. But otherwise I totally agree with your post.

No I understood your post. I was saying that I am constantly giving people other options by sharing with them the information I have come across that has helped me make my decisions. They just choose to not even care to take a minute or day to think about it. It makes me feel like why bother if their too afraid to consider different from what they already know. I grew up with the same beliefs as them, but I was given information I never would have even thought was available, never would have thought to look into, and I used it. I am trying to do that, but alot of people just dont want to think that there is different.

Just because Hilary Duff was in that show is not the reason. I was just giving you a reference. I don’t care about the conversation about that again but I was informing you how it was not the reason I told you. As for home births, they may be on the rise but most started going to hospitals because there was one around. Back than there weren’t any and than there was and they felt safer. I like your post about all the rest.

Well in my opinion that was why they used a high profile celebrity, to bring in more people. I wasnt going off anything you said, that was what I thought when I was watching that episode.

>I read The Giver when I was about 12 yrs old and loved it! This year I decided to read it to my son and realized that it really tackled touch issues like socialism, euthanasia and suicide.It's amazing how different a thing can become once you understand what is behind it right? There are so many things that are easy to adopt as right because everyone else is doing it – like vaccinations, hospital births and public education. Making decisions about what is right for you as an individual, as opposed to conforming to what is popular or universally accepted, takes time, thought and effort. But is well worth it in the end!

>I have yet to read this book. I am picking it up next on my list. I read that the person in it has trouble deciding weather or not to tell the people of the different way of life. Which I relate to. People don't really care to listen, or they don't want to most of the time. I love to share what I have learned because it has helped me make alot of my decisions. Im glad I dont HAVE to do a hospital birth, that I learned of a different choice. I cannot wait to read the book and see what more I can get from it, and maybe it will help me further look at my life and the world around me!

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