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Four Quarters

Posted on: April 27, 2011

I was parked outside of a laundromat waiting on my husband to come out of the local Stewarts with some milk and juice. I was looking around and noticed a man, not in too good of shape, but not too bad either. He walked up to the garbage opened it and peeked in. He pulled out a brown bag looked inside and, “click click click”, I locked my doors. He didn’t find any food in the bag so he just put it back in and sat at the bench. I watched him for a second to see what he was going to do. Nothing…just sat there. Well it was about 6pm. I knew the second my husband came out of the store with our beverages, the man would approach him for money. Sure enough he did. However, we don’t carry cash, nor do we have much to spare, we are a single income family who have to budget wisely, in which with my chocolate cravings and gas prices has not been so easy lately! I unlocked the door for my husband to put his beverages down and he went inside to grab our laundry. We didn’t say a word. When he came back I asked him “did he ask you for money?” and he replied yes of course. I told him hes probably just hungry. We sat there for a second. My husband reached in his bag and grabbed out a 1/2 gallon of his apple juice and got out of the car. I watched him walk over to the man and hand it to him. It then occurred to me that we hesitated at first. We almost didn’t care! I even locked my doors. I think that is where the problem is at. Now don’t get me wrong everyone has their own lives, but too many people would look at that man and just not care. They would rather pass judgement on them “go get a job” or “how did you end up this way anyway” or “they probably would buy beer”. I too have had these thoughts before. However, we don’t know his story. He could have had a job, a home, food, but he might have lost it and then everything else. He could not even like alcohol. He is probably wishing he had a job. A person would rather walk by and ignore him, not care that he might be going hungry for the third day in a row. I wish I had atleast a dollar to hand this man. Just FOUR quarters! But I had just put mine in the washing machine. When we drove away I felt like I should have done more, I wish I could have done more. I was so proud that my husband went back over to him and gave him some of what we had, without saying anything mean to the man, just wishing him luck. We need more people to care. If you think about it, how many times have you spent tons of money on pointless things? So passing a buck to this person would probably feel better than buying that cheeseburger that your not even hungry for, but are just bored and figured you’d eat something. I have decided to try and always have a dollar on me….in any way, bill or change, help is help, and if you reached out for it, you would hope someone would care too.


4 Responses to "Four Quarters"

You probably made that man’s day. Yes maybe he was looking for money but if he took the juice maybe he was just looking for a little help you never know. Thankfully your family is a loving, caring family who looks for the good in everyone. But never let your guard down. Just Sayin’

When Josh and I were on the way to moms there was this guy who was sitting at the light and had a sign for money. He looked like he was drunk so Josh’s and my theory is if we have food on us than we will give you something or go buy you something. But we will not give out money for they most likely will spend it on booze.

Maybe he was just tired, and not drunk. Thats what Im saying, we judge too fast and have no idea the story. And to be honest I think the whole “drunk homeless” we get from tv. I have never seen a drunk homeless person. I have seen a bunch of homeless in saratoga and in nyc…not one of them were drunk. They were in rough shape, but not drunk. If you hardly got money would you spend it on beer? Probably not because your not going to get alot of money and beer wont keep you alive…

He was definitely drunk. It might seem like I am judging but its not the first person who sat there asking for money. Like I said even if he was hungry I would have given him food but not money cause you never know. The person in front of me gave him $5.00 and when we got up next to them at the next red light I told them that it was nice of them. I don’t carry cash but like you said four quarters can actually make a persons day.

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