Pure Existence


Posted on: March 14, 2011

I am completely outraged by the way things have “advanced” in america. From medicine to meat to overall attitude. Can I just buy a slab of meat without wondering how dry it is going to make my skin, how full of toxic waste it is. We in america have a problem; we create a problem and try to fix it before there even is one. Why were antibiotics made? To help sick get better. Not to assume someone is going to get sick, so we just jump ahead and decide to give it to every child, cow, chicken, and pig. Well if we cared more about the animals, and cleaned up their living quarters and allowed them to live like normal cows should, then we wouldn’t have to worry about them all getting sick. Today everything is over pumped full of chemicals and most people just are used to it that they see nothing wrong with it. Well I do. Eczema for one has gotten so out of hand…like every child has it. Maybe if their food wasn’t deprived of natural oils, and replaced with growth hormones, our children wouldn’t suffer dry itchy skin and early menstruation. Another “advancement” in medicine…the birthing world. Like HOLY COW! You can now schedule a C-section, and a tummy tuck, back to back in some areas. Whens your due date? “Oh its whenever I decide that Its convenient to me to rip my baby from the womb, not when the baby is done getting ready for life on the outside” What the hell is wrong with people. Yes for some, it is needed and for those who need a EMERGENCY c-section, Im thankful they have that option. However, its not always a emergency. Maybe if from the get go, you decided not to interfere with the body’s natural response to labor, you wouldn’t require such serious surgery. And that is what it is…its serious. You are slicing into your body, through whatever is in the way, intestines…what ever…and people don’t realize this. I hate a person who says “oh yeah Im getting the epidural” Why, because you are going in with a preconceived notion that it is needed. NO it isn’t, and it should only be available if the occasion for it should arrive. I tell people this. Don’t say you don’t want it, but don’t say you do. No one is super woman, but wait for the need for it to come, it probably never will.  By going in there ready for the epidural, you are basically signing up for mounds of other interventions you never even realized. Such as PITOCIN. Good luck with that one. Thought you would be in pain before? Try it now… So due to increased contractions lasting longer and more fierce, you end up upping your epidural…which slows labor again…which then ups your pitocin…which by now the baby is being stressed out by the lack of oxygen it is getting and the constant squeezing and pressure from longer lasting and harsher contractions…Oh now you need a “emergency” c-section for the baby’s safety. Well, almost certainly never would have been needed if you didn’t start a intervention in the first place. We in america live by “newer is better” well no, no it is NOT. Yes some advancements and changes are nice to have, such as the seatbelt, and the telephone. But there is a sense of entitlement to control every thing in life that we are losing out on the most important of all…the entitlement to the most pure and natural way of things. It is empowering listening to your body guide you through the most important and most accomplishing moment in life, and people just give that away so they can make the vacation in Hawaii. I feel bad for the moms who do NEED to have a c-section and would much rather have the opportunity to deliver naturally. I feel bad for the cow sitting in between bars not even able to clean themselves, being force fed crap. I feel bad for the people who don’t care to think if what they are doing, or eating, or proposing is really the best choice for themselves. I think the only way to care enough about yourself is to care enough to educate yourself on what really happens behind closed doors…the doors to surgery, the doors to your womb, the doors to the factory houses that we buy our meats from. The best existence is pure existence….NATURAL!


3 Responses to "“Advancements”"

>Wow, very insightful. I wouldn't have thought those two topics could have been tied in together, but somehow you did it. And I agree, too often we don't realize that "progress" is just another term for "interference."

>Amen sista! It's funny, when I had Noah, I knew getting an epidural was not an option, so I just had to do it. If we wave a magic needle that will take away all the pain, when a woman is in the vunerable state of labor, woman are going to give in. I feel it's a major lack of support in the hospital environment. It's sad. Fear, is what most people think of birth, when it is a truly amazing, hard, beautiful experience, when experienced in it's true raw state.As for food, I could go on and on and on….

>I can't comment on the medicine during delivery aspect of this, but I completely agree with the over use of medicine. Working in the medical field I see it all the time. Now-a-days, parents bring their children to the doctor when they are sick and leave with a prescription for an antibiotic. Our bodies could over come these sicknesses and be better prepared next time we come across them. Instead we are taking out these little germs with ozies and letting the big germs develop bullet proof armor and making them into super germs. We are developing MRSA and VRE with our own over medicating. (MRSA and VRE are germs that can't be killed with antibiotics and certain other meds. The are diseases that take a long time to get rid of)

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